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Our Marketing Strategy

We pride ourselves on our customized marketing plans and our experience that has led us to the development of our marketing process. Our team will ensure that you maximize your property's visibility to potential buyers and your profit in the shortest amount of time through our individual marketing plan that is created specifically for each unique home.  

What sets us apart from other agents?  We are marketing experts. 

Some highlights of our customized marketing plan are below. Once we schedule an appointment with you to discuss listing your home we will reveal more ideas and specifics.

Services we provide:

  • Premarket exposure with feedback from other top agents on pricing and presentation
  • Social media/digital and print ad campaigns by utilizing the newest technology available
  • High-resolution professional photography, videography, and 3D floorplans
  • Staging and design experts prepare your home before listing
  • Conduct open houses and private tours
  • Promote to agent network groups
  • Communicate to Compass agents via internal channels
  • Promote on Compass-owned media channels
  • Compass can pay for all of your improvements upfront with no cost to you until closing if you so choose
  • Seasoned agents who know the market, will price your home correctly to get you the best offer in the shortest amount of time.
  • Connect with top buyer agent with whom we have strong relationships to possibly sell your home before it is listed 

Technology & Support

Compass has been recognized as the #1 brokerage in the US and we are able to use all of the technology that they provide us to enhance your experience. Our Compass data dashboard monitors and tracks marketing efforts with precise metrics. You can expect consistent email updates with these insights on how your listing is performing. We are able to measure the success of each initiative, share the results with you, and adjust efforts to maximize impact.

Speak to a neighborhood expert.
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